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The MOR Online platform is the first one for integrated management in the organised waste market licensed by Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA) and it makes it possible to effectively trade waste for recovery. It is a regulated activity that offers guarantees for waste producers (sellers) and guarantors and recyclers (buyers). MOR Online will validate all transactions on its platform, which is not the case with other, unlicensed operators.

MOR Online consists of companies with a vast knowledge of the market and waste management, which constitutes a guarantee for anyone wishing to trade waste, quickly, securely and at the best possible price.

The OWM is a trading area with several electronic platforms that facilitate waste trading by processing market enquiries, expressions of interest and actual transactions. These platforms must be recognised by the APA as being secure and sustainable. Potential sellers and buyers access the trading platforms, make waste purchase or sales offers and therefore fulfil the main purposes of this instrument, which are:

  • To facilitate and promote the trading of different types of waste;
  • To increase the recovery of waste and its reintroduction into the business circuit;
  • To reduce demand for virgin raw materials;
  • To foster industrial symbioses, thereby contributing to technological modernisation, particularly of waste producers.

The OWM will help define the value of waste more transparently. A centralised waste market will increase competition between the different players and help raise the market value of waste and speed up waste transactions.