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APA – Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente (Portuguese Environment Agency)

CDW – construction and demolition waste - waste from construction, reconstruction, extension, conservation, demolition and the collapse of buildings

Collection – selective or general pick-up, sorting and/or mixing of waste for transport purposes

Disposal – an operation in which waste is finally disposed of appropriately as required by law

EWL – European Waste List - a list identifying and classifying waste

Facility – a fixed or mobile unit where waste management operations are carried out

Holders – natural or legal persons that have waste at least in their possession pursuant to the law

HW – household waste - waste from homes and other waste that, due to its nature or composition, is similar to waste from homes

IW – industrial waste - waste generated in industrial production processes and that resulting from the generation and distribution of electricity and gas and the distribution of water

MBT – mechanical and biological treatment

OWM – organised waste market

RDF – refuse derived fuel

Recovery – operation to reuse waste provided for in legislation

Recycling – reprocessing of waste in order to recover and/or convert its constituent materials into new products for their original or another purpose

SIRAPA – integrated registration system of Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente - a computer system containing information on the waste produced and imported in Portugal and companies working in the waste sector

SMAUT – municipal and local authority system - a collection and/or sorting system for solid household waste in which municipalities hold some of the shares. They may be majority shareholders or not. The SMAUTs in which Empresa Geral de Fomento holds shares are called multi-municipal, while all the others are inter-municipal.

Sorting – the separation of waste by manual or mechanical processes without altering its characteristics with a view to its recovery or other management operations

Storage – temporary, controlled custody of waste for an established period before treatment, recovery or disposal

Waste – any substance or object of which its holder disposes or plans or is obliged to dispose, especially that identified in the European Waste List

Waste flow – a type of product making up a waste category from all sources, such as packaging, household appliances, batteries, accumulators, tyres or solvents

Waste reception centre – a facility for the storage or sorting of waste from integrated waste-flow management or household waste management systems

WDG – waste derived gas

WMO – waste management operator- a duly licensed economic agent that performs selective collection, transport, storage, sorting and/or recycling of packaging waste

WP – waste producers - all natural or legal persons, acting on their own behalf or providing a service to third parties, whose activity produces waste or that perform pre-treatment, mixing or other operations that change the nature or composition of waste